with the band's manager Shack
sitting on set in-between takes
sitting outside taking a break
'Say It Loud' video shoot hollywood, CA
The video shoot for "Say It Loud" was filmed at a house in the hills of Hollywood, CA.  We were blessed to be a part of the making by being extras in the background.  We got to be in the video, as well as watch some of the other filming and we also got to meet some cool people who helped make it.  If you haven't seen the video yet, you can click here to watch it.
The clapboard sitting off to the side between takes by Chris' guitar.
Chris, Mark, and Steve practicing playing the song double the normal speed for an effect in the video.
The extras hired for the video getting ready to film.
The band and crew getting ready to film.
The band and crew setting up to shoot.
The band with Brian Agnew - Director Of Photography, Keith Shakelford - Manager, Stan Morse - Director, and Christiev Carothers - Creative Director after filming the video.