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9/2/15:  Added the lyric video for "Longer Than A Lifetime" to the video page.

8/15/15:  On October 9th, Sanctus Real will be releasing a "best of" album with many fan favorites as well as one brand new song (the last with Matt Hammitt as lead singer), called "Longer Than A Lifetime".

7/1/15:  Today Matt Hammitt announced that he will be leaving Sanctus Real at the end of this year to pursue new ministry opportunities with his wife, Sarah, and family. To read Matt's statement about his leaving and what will be next for him, as well as one from Chris about the future of Sanctus Real, visit

2/16/15:  Congratulations to guitarist Seth and his wife, Heather, on the birth of their baby boy, Liam, born on 12/11/14!

11/19/14:  Updated the Bio section of the site, including Sanctus Real's band biography and new bass player Jake Rye.

10/21/14:  Added The Dream to the discography and The Dream lyrics to the lyrics area of our site. We hope you are all enjoying the new album!

10/14/14: TODAY is the day! THE DREAM is available for purchase in CD form or digitally wherever you buy music!

8/16/14:  Updated the Video area with the new "Lay It Down" lyric & acoustic videos, a making of The Dream video, and the official "Pray" music video.

6/24/14:  Sanctus Real has been hard at work on their next album The Dream which will release September 16th! We can't wait!

You may have heard their new single "Lay It Down" from their upcoming album on the radio, but if you haven't, check out the brand new official lyric video here.

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4/3/14:  Added photos from WorshipFest last November. Sorry for the delay.

Sanctus Real is currently in the studio working on a new album! We're excited!

9/16/13:  Farewell to Pete Prevost, who played his last show with Sanctus Real this weekend. You will be missed. We pray for God's blessings and guidance for you and your family.

Watch the awesome new video for "Pray" right here.

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"Throughout our careers together, we’ve chased a dream or two and have come to realize that the greatest of them are not the ones we’ve relentlessly chased, but the One relentlessly chasing us."

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