Nothing To Lose

Matt: In Mark 12:31, Jesus said the second greatest commandment, is to "love your neighbor as yourself." When we don't love God and others, our hearts become hardened and we miss out on God's blessings for our lives.
All I Want

Matt: This is about our hearts desire to see people turn to the love of Christ. The songs first lyrics are, "so early morning when you come to me, comfort me. Stop, rewind and play back that melody." These words are about the perfect peace we receive from the Holy Spirit. It is simply a cry out to non-believers to soften their hearts and accept the same love and peace that God has for them.
The Way I Feel

Chris: This song talks about the way to escape the turmoil of life, and that is to follow God's plan and His leading on your life. I wrote this song after a good friend of mine who was not married found out she was pregnant. This really hurt because I totally believe in abstinence outside of marriage and I knew at one time she did too. I was really emotionally drained with the situation and this song helped me express what I was feeling and to try to understand what she was feeling as well.

In my mind, this song is a way to encourage others to stop making bad choices. Two wrongs don't make a right. If we truly decide to give everything to Him, and that includes all of our circumstances, He is faithful to carry us through. It is never too late to call on God's grace. You can never mess up bad enough for God to stop loving you.
Audience Of One

Matt: As a musician, it can be difficult to not to find my self-worth and security in how many people like our music or come to Christ as a result of our message. I have to remind myself that if I honor God first with the talents He has given me, then He will make sure the music gets to where it needs to go. It all goes back to Matthew 6:33, "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." That's what "Audience of One" is all about.
Sink Or Swim

Matt: This song is a modern day version of Romans 7:18. In this verse, Paul admits this battle against his sinful nature in trying to do what is right. The lyrics are basically a fictional dialogue between the good (the Holy Spirit) and evil (the sin nature) inside of every believer.
Captain's Chair

Chris: This song was inspired from a friend of mine that I had lost touch with. Even though we no longer have the same deep relationship we once had, I still wanted him to know how much I cared about him and that I would always be 'right here' if he ever needed me. I can see the correlation now between how I loved him as a friend and how Jesus loves us unconditionally. Through thick and thin, God never lets us down. He's the absolute best friend we could ever have and we should always allow him to take us through life. When we let Him be in control, the captain's chair is the best seat around.
Hey Wait

Matt: This is for people who are hurting. Almost everyone can relate to fear, insecurity, and broken relationships. "Hey Wait" was written to help people find God in the midst of heartache. The truth is that only God can pick us up when no one else is around. If we can trust in Him for our peace, instead ourselves and others, we can find true hope in life.

Matt: "Inspiration is you and I, changing nations changing lives." Whether it's one or a million, every life is valuable. This song sums up our mission in life. We want to reach people with the message of Christ.
I Love You

Matt: I wrote this song one night when I was struggling with a critical spirit. I asked the Lord to change my heart and this song is what He gave me.
Won't Walk Away

Matt: This is about God's faithfulness, how He is the only one who will never let us down. It's also about how I could never walk away from Jesus, because He would never walk away from me.
After Today

Matt: I wrote this song in 1998 after I graduated from high school and had to make some serious decisions about the direction of my life. In the midst of these decisions, I had to come to the realization that God's plan is the only thing that matters. Even when we don't understand the things we go through or the direction life takes us, we must understand that God sees the big picture. As long we trust Him, He will always take us exactly where we need to go. Thus the line, "praise God He has a plan, understanding isn't my place."
by Matt Hammitt and Chris Rohman