10/21/14: "Throughout our careers together, we’ve chased a dream or two and have come to realize that the greatest of them are not the ones we’ve relentlessly chased, but the One relentlessly chasing us."Sanctus Real, Facebook

8-6-13: "When trials come, we are able to have hope because of our relationship with Christ. God’s love for His children never fails. We want to remind people that whatever trial they may be dealing with, God is with you and will never leave you." –Chris Rohman, The Alabama Baptist interview

1/27/13: "Everything I've watched happen in the hospital—all the pain I've felt—is deepening my faith, strengthening my marriage, and molding my character. Out of what appeared to be a well of emptiness has flowed a fountain of purpose."

--Matt Hammitt

2/12/08:  "There's a longing for something bigger than oneself, a band, a song or a crowd of concertgoers. We need to come together as the body of Christ, unifying to see God’s work done through us. There's so much simple truth in the statement, 'we need each other.' We can accomplish so much more if we stand together as one."

--Matt Hammitt

10/5/07:  But he’s quick to caution that Jesus said we’re to be in the world, not of the world, which  has little to do with what clothes you wear or what your hair looks like. “When your heart  starts to look like the world, that’s when there’s trouble,” Mark [Graalman] says.

(from Breakaway Magazine interview)

1/25/07: "As Christians, we have eternal hope. We know our destiny. But we shouldn’t be afraid of  saying, 'I’m having a really bad day.' Face your pain, don’t run from it. Be real with your  emotions—and lean back into the hope you have in Christ. Let’s embrace His strength during  our weakness."

-Matt Hammitt, talking about "I'm Not Alright", from Breakaway Magazine

8/15/06:  "Discovering that God is still there even after we’ve gone and made a huge mess of things in our lives is truly breathtaking.  All that’s left to do is praise Him for faithfully accepting us back into His presence."

-Chris Rohman, talking about "Everything About You"

1/27/06: "I always try to challenge students that no matter how you feel, whether it's at the top of a mountain or the lowest part of the valley, that God has a very very unique play for everyone's life. And you can't afford to miss it."

- Matt Hammitt, JesusFreakHideout.com interview

8/10/05:  "In Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus tells us to bank on spiritual  riches, not riches that are made of temporary materials.  This teaching goes against everything our culture imposes on us, but if we could really embrace it, we would find true contentment."

- Matt Hammitt, (see: "Things Like You")

6/6/05:  "A lot of times people use the excuse that Jesus spent time with the tax collectors and the  prostitutes," Steve explains, "but I think a lot of people forget that [Jesus] ministered and  fellowshipped with those people, but he didn't party with them." Steve encourages teens to  use wisdom about where they spend the majority of their time — even if it means hanging  out alone.

- Steve Goodrum, from Breakaway Magazine

4/24/05:  Nappy:  You’ve been told you look like Breckin Meyer, from "Married to the Kelly’s" and the  movie "Road Trip" ...

Mark:  That guy was in the movie "Clueless" like what ten years ago and I've been hearing it  ever since then.  Literally a couple times a week.

- Mark Graalman, from CMSpin

2/7/05: "One thing that we've always learned is God's timing is always perfect and He always comes though  when He's ready. There's no better timing, and there's no more perfect way than when He comes through.  And so just waiting upon Him, and the way that He does things, is kinda uncomfortable for us sometimes,  but it's always the best way."

- Steve Goodrum, on Xtreme Life
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