Dear Heart

“Dear Heart, do you belong to me, or do I belong to you? Look at all the trouble, you’ve dragged me into.” This is a light-hearted (no pun intended) song about how “following your heart” isn’t always the best guidance.  Emotion is a powerful and persuasive force; it’s easy to let it be the one calling the shots in our lives when sometimes it shouldn’t.  Many times our hearts want what is contrary to what God wants.  We’re not supposed to be looking out for ourselves anyway.  This song is an audit of sorts to our hearts’ selfish wishes.
‘Til I Got To Know You

Since that day when Adam and Eve realized they were naked and hid from God in the garden, we’ve had this innate sense that it’s better to hide our imperfections than to let them be seen.  We think we’re loved only when our best foot is forward.  We believe to reveal a fault or a weakness is to admit we’re failures.  We act this way toward each other, and we act this way toward God. How many times does He tell us we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)?  Our insecurities are so often our greatest strengths and when we get to know God, we see just how perfect it is that He created us this way.
Take Over Me

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him…(Romans 8:28 NIV).”  How often does God try to work for our good and we resist?  Our spiritual self knows it’s better to surrender, but our humanity still gets the best of us, and we go our own way. We wrote this song reflecting on the dichotomy of what we want to do versus what we actually do. It’s a prayer asking God to take control when we try to fight him.
The Redeemer

It can be a struggle to remain hopeful when there is so much injustice in this world…to find the courage to dig for goodness amidst the wreckage we’ve created with the human condition.  To soften the blow, we become guarded.  We protect ourselves by building up walls of cynicism and hesitation.  We seldom believe in dreams. We stop expecting to find anything good, anything new.

This song is encouragement for us to let down these defenses.  It’s better to dig with hope and have our hearts be tattered than to lose hope completely.  This doesn’t make sense if our strategy is to protect ourselves, but experiencing redemption is one of the most encouraging and miraculous ways to discover the depth of God’s tenderness and individual care.

“Forgiven” came from an instance when we were talking honestly as a band about feeling the wear and tear of our insecurities. At the end of the conversation we realized that no matter what we are or what we've done; in this world, to other people, or even to ourselves, what we truly are and will always be is "a treasure in the arms of Christ."

It's so hard to see past our weakness and failures sometimes, or rather the things WE think are weakness and failures. They can corner us...trick us into believing we can't be used effectively by God. But God's strength is perfected in our weakness (2nd Corinthians 12:9)...It's when he can use us most! The message we hope to convey in this song is that we'll always have weakness. We'll always make honest mistakes. It's part of being human. God's great promise though is that we can always run into his arms.  We'll always be forgiven.
These Things Take Time

This song came from the realization that as long as people inhabit the earth there will be questions without answers.  Why, then, did God give us these gifts of curiosity and rational thought?  Doesn’t He know we will confuse them for tools of doubt and disbelief? Yet still He encourages us to ponder what we don’t understand.

When we’re younger, it’s easy to pine for the answers to life’s big questions; and to clarify; it’s good to ask tough questions that can challenge our beliefs.  The infinite Creator is bigger than our finite uncertainty.  In other words, He’s not as afraid to answer, as we usually are to ask.  We grow older though and begin to realize how dissatisfying it would be to know all the answers.  The glory of God is revealed more greatly in the unrequited mystery.

This begs another question: Is having answers the only thing? Is knowledge the ultimate experience God wants us to accomplish? How often do we miss the glorious event because we’re fixated on aligning the details? This song is a reminder that God is found often in the journey itself as much as in the understanding of it.
The Way The World Turns

We live in a world that is tragically broken.  With every new day spinning into play, we wrestle with sin and hurt all over again.  We’ll never be able to change this fact.  Fortunately, we’re not expected to.  As Christians, when we’re navigating through life’s treacherous waters and are thrown about by all the currents that want nothing more than to swallow us whole; we can learn to maneuver within them because God provided a guiding light through his son. 

When we’re tossed around and can’t decipher up from down or left from right, we have to keep turning.  Keep turning because eventually Jesus will be the sunrise that lights our course and points us back to safety.
Lead Me

Marriage and parenthood are such astonishing and comprehensive parts of life. They stretch us to our extreme limits…and then a little further.  They teach us to love in ways we previously didn’t know existed, and working through the most confounding frustrations lead to the most enlivening rewards. Can we truly understand the voice of the Father or the relationship of Christ with his bride without these wonderful inventions of commitment?

Our lead singer Matt wrote the basics of this song in response to the convicting words of his wife, Sarah, as she called him to the task of being a better spiritual leader for their family.  With prayer and repentance, he listened.  Matt wrote this song out of a fresh revelation that it requires a daily habit of seeking God in order to understand and live out this ebb and flow of leading with humility and being led in obedience.
I Want To Get Lost

This song talks about how often our first instinct as humans is to try and find our own way.  Like a road trip without GPS, we seek a destination and we follow down paths with familiar scenery.  In spiritual terms, every time we rely on our own intelligence to make it down one of these paths, we take a wrong turn at compromise and end up in the same old places of trouble and bewilderment. We’ll never make it through the maze on our own.  The only way to keep from getting lost this way is to get lost in the arms of God.
Show You How To Live

This song was written shortly after members of the band became brand new fathers.  The wonderment of watching newborn children as their eyes open wide to wander about a room, or stare inquisitively at a tree or cat, how they get lost in the depth of the sky, or recognize their parents and cling accordingly, it’s exhilarating and miraculous.

We imagined the perspective of our eternal Father watching us, his children, as we feel our way through life this way.  Every season is a brand new experience filled with curiosity and ambition.  All the good facets of humanity that he designed; the excitement of chasing a dream, the nervous euphoria of a crush, a first kiss.  God created these interactions for us to know delight and joy.  All the while he’s saying, “I made this to be good, but you’ve got to come with me.  You haven’t seen anything yet.”
by Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Mark Graalman, Dan Gartley, and Pete Prevost
Keep My Heart Alive

Humanity is shrouded with so much bad news and tragic circumstance; it can be exhausting.  It’s nearly impossible, by our own volition, to sift through it all and see goodness.  Too much exposure to this will grow complacency in our faith and stagnancy in our worship.

“Jesus, Keep My Heart Alive” is a prayer pleading our need for renewed passion and vigilance when life has worn us down so much that we become too discouraged to keep going.  It’s a plea for Christ to awaken the dormant optimism and hope that inside us.
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