Matt: We wrote this entire song in a few hours at our practice studio in Toledo.  I think it came together so fast because it was so much fun to write.  The message in this song is straight out of James, chapter 2.  According to this scripture, faith and deeds fit together like a glove and can’t be honest without each other.  In my life, I have found this to be true.

Matt: This track is a rewrite of a song we released before we signed with Sparrow.  Our longtime fans will recognize this one, but the lyrics are very different.  The message is about standing up for your faith and not being afraid to say what you believe in.
Change Me

Matt: I wrote this song after losing my patience during a disagreement with my wife.  I don’t even know why it started, but I remember being hurtful with my words.  “Change Me” is a prayer, a cry out to God for patience and gentleness.  Christ has called us to be humble, and there is no humility in using hurtful, selfish words.

Chris: None of us really recalls how this song came out – it just happened.  We've written very few songs the way we wrote this one.  It's usually the simplest ideas that become so deep and honest.  This song is a personal prayer, a plea to be closer to the God that created us despite the failure and shortcomings that sometimes keep us apart.  It's about admitting that our relationship with God is the most vital and asking Him to help us from letting that grow stale.

Matt: I don’t remember where we were when this song was written, but I’m passionate about what it has to say.  There is no limit to the amount of knowledge and experience we can receive by spending time in God’s presence.  This prayer asks God to take control of our lives and to teach us how to live until we reach heaven.

Everything About You

Matt: Chris wrote the chorus to this song two years ago in our hotel room during GMA week in Nashville.  The minute I heard the tune, I knew it was something special.

Chris: It wasn't until we got into the studio and Steve came up with the main bass riff for the verse that the song really started to take shape.  We built the rest of the song around the original lyrics from the chorus.

Matt: This song is about spending time with God.  We really tried to paint a unique picture in people's minds of what it's like to be in the presence of our Creator.

Chris: We're stubborn people most of the time.  There's just something about our nature as humans that tells us we can do things on our own without asking God what His will is.  Discovering that God is still there even after we’ve gone and made a huge mess of things in our lives is truly breathtaking.  All that’s left to do is praise Him for faithfully accepting us back into His presence.  When we find God at the lowest times in our lives, that’s when there’s no doubt left - that’s when we know He’s really there.

The Fight Song

Matt: There’s too many meaningless wars in the world, and most of them started with fighting words.  I’m tired of watching families, churches, and friendships be destroyed over meaningless arguments.  I would encourage everyone to read the third chapter of James in the Bible and think about how their words affect people around them.

Steve: Recently, I had my trust broken by a close friend and I was struggling with not forgiving him.  One night I was alone at our studio.  I was fighting anger and disappointment when I realized that I had a choice to make.  I could ruin a good relationship or do what I knew was the right thing to do.  In this song, I wanted to share my frustration and encourage others that are going through the same thing to make the right decision.  We often say things in pain that we regret.  Husbands and wives, close friends, and church families are too often split over petty arguments.  God teaches us to love with out condition.  I pray that this song helps us all think a little bit more the next time we want to react when we are hurt.


Matt: Although Chris and I were both thinking of our own “better halves” when we wrote this song, I think it represents the way most men feel when they are away from home.  It’s hard for artists to be away from their wives and girlfriends on the road.  We just desperately want them to know that we love them and that they are not alone.

Chris: Matt and I wrote the music for this song in one night.  We had been working on songs for the new record and still didn’t have that one "upbeat rock tune" yet.  I remember coming up with the main riff in one room while Matt was in another.  I yelled over to him saying, “I got it, I got it!” Not even an hour later, the song was finished.  The excitement I felt as the song was taking shape reminded me of when we were 16 years old and writing songs in my basement.  We knew we wanted this song to be about the relationships we have with the significant others in our personal lives.  I think it’s easy to "cheese up" a love song, so it took a while to nail the lyrics on this one.

Things Like You

Matt: I wrote this song while we were in Nashville recording “Beautiful Day” for the In The Name Of Love project.  In Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus tells us to bank on spiritual riches, not riches that are made of temporary materials.  This teaching goes against everything our culture imposes on us, but if we could really embrace it, we would find true contentment.
The Show

Matt: In the book of Acts, the power of the Holy Spirit was displayed through tongues of fire, acts of nature, miracles, and physical healings.  It must have been amazing to see and experience these things first hand. I must admit, sometimes I’m a little jealous of the believers that were there, but I have come to learn over time that every encounter with God, every soft word He speaks to me, every answered prayer, and every tear I’ve cried in His presence are all miracles.   None of these things should be played down or overlooked.  These are the ways that God takes the stages of our hearts and teaches us to trust Him.   Never weigh a miracle by the size of its box.
You Can't Hide

Matt: It’s pretty ridiculous to think that we could hide or go unnoticed by God, who sees and knows everything.  Yet there are so many people who think that no one, not even God himself, cares for them.  We want people who listen to this song to be reminded that God sees them at their most intimate, vulnerable, sometimes miserable moments and still loves them without question.
Where Will They Go

Matt: I fell in love with the music to this song when Chris gave me a demo in the fall of 2003.  Shortly after that, I had an experience that inspired the lyrics.  I was talking to someone I met at a concert, and I knew I was supposed to share with them about my faith.  Instead, I gave them a CD and hoped that it would do the speaking for me.  I knew as this person walked away, that I had just missed a God-given opportunity to share my faith firsthand, and that I never wanted to miss an opportunity like that again.

Chris: This was the first song I ever recorded in my bedroom.  The main acoustic guitar parts actually made it on the final recording.  I came up with the music for the verse first and wrote the chorus the day the demo was due.  Matt had the idea of making it a song about the frustrations we deal with concerning the daily interactions we have with strangers and not knowing how to effectively communicate God’s love to them.  Ultimately we should know that as long as we show love in our words and in our actions that we have done our part – even if we may never meet them again.

by Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, and Steve Goodrum
Say Goodbye

Chris: This song ended up being about my great-grandmother who passed away almost two years ago.  She was a huge spiritual leader in my life, and I contribute a lot of who I am to her, and even more of who I wish to become.  I felt like I needed to write a song about dealing with having to let go.  If there’s anyone I can say I know is in Heaven, it’s her.  This song is about being grateful for the people God blesses us with in life and about the hope we have knowing that Christ has made a way for us to all be saved and live eternally in Heaven.

Matt: This is the most beautiful song on the record.