"Deeds" by Sanctus Real

“Deeds” is a song we wrote to help us remember the teachings that
James gave us in the New Testament about putting our faith into
action. This song isn’t about pointing fingers, but rather it illustrates
some of the ways we’ve all tried to say one thing is better than
another in God’s eyes. “Well if I only go to church every Sunday I’ll
be alright,” or “If only I do this sort of church outreach then God will
be happy.” We’ve all done it one way or another. We need to learn
that just talking about faith doesn’t mean we really have it, and that
doing good works won’t justify a lack of faith.

Being Christlike is exactly what God has called us to do. Jesus
didn’t just talk about His relationship with the Father—He reached
out and made a difference in people’s lives and showed them God’s
love in a way they couldn’t understand just by hearing about it.
James 2:18 says: “Faith and works, works and faith, fit together
hand in glove” (MSG). Sometimes we get stuck thinking we can get
by in our faith without putting it into action. But what good is our
faith if we never share it with others?

I think what James is trying to say is that if we’re truly seeking to live
as Christ has called us to, we won’t have to be so worried about the
balance of the two—they’ll just fit together. If we’re living out our
faith with a pure heart, then our deeds will reflect our faith, and vice
versa. Faith and deeds—you really can’t have one without the

—Chris Rohman from Sanctus Real (far left in the photo)

Youth Walk Magazine, December 2004
www.youthwalk.org – used with permission

Yeah, Mister Deeds has got you wrapped around his finger
With what you think you need to do to be delivered
You look for accidents so you can be the hero
You wrote the charity check that ends in double zeros

You help old ladies cross the street, you welcome
Homeless where you sleep you give to everyone in need,
You even hold a city key
Aren’t you great?
But that’s not good enough

(Chorus 1)
If you don’t have faith you have nothing at all
If you don’t have deeds your faith will fall
They can’t be true without each other
You can’t have one without the other

You think your faith is where you sit on Sunday morning
You’ve got a front row seat where you can be seen snoring
Throughout the week you live your life inside a bubble
You find your happiness avoiding peoples’ troubles

Your life revolves around yourself, you don’t treat
Others very well
You say your faith will get you by and that you won’t be
Left behind
You might be right, but that’s not good enough

(Chorus 2)
If you don’t have deeds you have nothing at all
If you don’t have faith your deeds will fall
They can’t be true without each other
You can’t have one without the other

(chorus 1)

You know I can’t see thinking that I’d be
Better off living just for selfish ambition, no
I know that faith is more than just believing
We should do the right things, for the right reasons

(chorus 1 & 2)

Written by Chris Rohman and Matt Hammitt
© 2004 Birdwing Music (ASCAP) / Admin. by EMI Music CMG Publishing / All rights reserved.
"Deeds" Devotional