Band Position: bass guitar, background vocals

Birthday: December 17, 1981

Hometown: Marion, OH

Family: Dave is my pops, Sharon is my ma,
Dick is my bro

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Does Chipotle count?

Hobbies: Coffee, Parks, Sleeping in

Jobs before (and during) Sanctus Real: Cart Boy, Guitar Tech, Starbucks

Favorite Sanctus Real Song: "Don't Give Up"

Brief Testimony: I grew up in the country, going to church w/ my mom and
brother.  I became a christian at an early age.  As I grew older, I learned
on deeper levels how God desires to have an actual friendship with me and
with all of us.

Random info: I like big dogs, burritos, gingerbread lattes, snow, Jared
Byers grilling me a steak, memory foam on my bed, joined Sanctus Real in April 2005. Played his last show with Sanctus Real on February 8, 2013 (the Run CD release party concert).

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Dan Gartley