Sanctus Real Trivia Contest:
Getting to know the band members...
October 29, 2003 - November 11, 2003

Contest Winners: 
Brooke Butler from Tomball, TX
Prize:  an autographed copy of the Say It Loud CD, and a Sanctus Real button

Lisa Farrell from Atlanta, GA
Prize: a Sanctus Real flat/poster (Say It Loud album cover on one side, and a photo of the band on the other), and a Sanctus Real bumper sticker
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Sanctoids Christmas Giveaway
December 7, 2004 - December 27, 2004

Contest Winners: 
Roxanne Fortney from Grand Rapids, MI
Prize:  Say It Loud CD, and a Sanctus Real sticker.

Rachel Ancheta from Sultana, CA
Prize: Sanctus Real 8x10 promotional photo autographed by Matt Hammitt, and a Sanctus Real sticker

Jessica Garcia from San Antonio, TX
Prize: 3 assorted Sanctus Real stickers, and 2 different Sanctus Real buttons
Sanctoids 2nd Annual Christmas Giveaway
December 13, 2005 - December 27, 2005

Contest Winners: 
Carly Krump from WI
Luke Easterling from FL
Prize: Sanctus Real poster autographed by all 4 members of the band, and a Fight The Tide sticker

Jon Sladky from VA
Brittney Forster from OH
Prize: Sanctus Real poster, Fight The Tide Tour poster, and Fight The Tide sticker
The Sanctoids' We Need Each Other Contest... coming soon