Half Our Lives

Dan: This is a song about being a kid in the summer.  As we wrote it, we recalled memories of staying out after dusk, catching fireflies, being nervous around girls, playing hide and seek, and so on.  The biggest thing we all remembered though, was not wanting to go to bed.  We wanted to stay up all night and play with our friends.  Sleep was a waste of time.  Life is very different now as adults, but in the stress of every day life, it’s very calming to reflect on those days where our only worry was mama calling us home for sleep.


Dan: In this world that we’re all apart of, where hurt and sadness are always around the corner, either from ourselves or other people, here is God saying He’s with us for all eternity.  I remember the first time we played ‘Eternal’ in the practice space, all of our worries subsided…we were restored.
Leap Of Faith

Mark: This was actually the first song that we tracked for this record. The theme of the song is to walk by faith and not by sight. So often we let our fears, insecurities and doubts decide for us what life can offer, but the truth is that God’s plan for us may be something way bigger and more outlandish than we could ever dream up. When He gives us that glimpse of who we really are and what we’re called to be, will we shy away and give in to doubt and fear, or will we trust our Father and take a leap of faith?


Chris: When this song presented itself we were stuck on the first line forever. We only had the guitar part and the lyric, but felt it was worth writing a song around.  Soon after that came the chorus, but it wasn't the one you hear now.  It's common during the song-writing process to get hung up on what the general point of the song should be.  We finally landed on the theme of unity, specifically in the church, and the rest fell into place - kind of.  This one was definitely a hard song to finish; we had tons of different lyrics and parts - a lot of noise to filter through. Wouldn't you know that in the end the song wound up being about peace, simplicity, and unity?  The idea of one voice under one King.
Turn on the Lights

Chris: It's always tough figuring out which song should start a record, but it didn't take long after we started work on this one that everyone knew it had to go first.  The message is simple in that we are to be the light of the world.  It's a call to bring forth hope and light, to stand strong through the test of time.  ‘Illuminate the future,’ we thought was a great phrase to start this record, just as ‘I want to leave a legacy,’ is fitting as the closing thought.
We Need Each Other

Matt: This is a song about communication. I wrote it when I made a personal commitment to communicate honestly (out of love) with the people I hold dear. Unresolved conflict wears on my soul.  I refuse to live my life holding in what needs to be said.  I don’t want to end up alone because I wasn’t willing to take the time and energy to tell someone how I felt.
Black Coal

Pete: This song is about finding the beauty within.  When you dig past all the scars, pain, or tragedy that can shape a person’s life, you find the beauty.  It’s about showing love and compassion to those who have been broken and helping them shine like a diamond.
Something Heavenly (Whatever You’re Doing)

Matt: Most of us are looking for a sign.  Where to go, what to do, how long to stay there.  Sometimes it’s hard to surrender and trust God when we can’t see where he is taking us.  Thank God for the gift of peace. It allows us to walk in faith, knowing that if we can just follow, we will end up exactly where we need to be.  The truth in this song is profoundly simple.
Lay Down My Guns

Matt: This song uses war as spiritual metaphor. It is written from the point of view of a soldier in Iraq, longing for the day that he can lay down his guns and go home.  For those of us who are aware of spiritual realities, we know that we are also at war …with evil.  Our war ends when we leave this life to be with Jesus.  When we lay down our guns and lift our hands.

Mark: It’s about asking yourself what you’re really living for. The older you get, the more you think about what truly matters in life. Seeing loved ones go home to be with the Lord and then turning around and looking into the eyes of your children sometimes makes you ask yourself, ‘what will people say about me when I’m gone?  Do they truly see Christ in my life?’ It is our desire to leave behind a legacy that will point people to Jesus. That especially our closest friends and family, those who know us best, would say that we truly followed the Lord and would be inspired to always do the same.
by Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Mark Graalman, Dan Gartley, and Pete Prevost